Introducing Strive

Bringing crypto currencies to life.

Strive is a fun way to show the balance of any existing crypto account to kids of all ages.

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main features

Show a Wallet

Easily sync and display the contents of your crypto wallet and begin learning together.

Create Chores

Create and send your kids chores, goals and rewards that you can assign to your kids and reward in crypto.

Pocket Money

Show kids how pocket money can really add up over time by dollar cost averaging into BTC long term.


Strive allows you to play with collectables and developing our own range called TopMinds.

Making crypto easy to explore safely together.

Strive makes teaching kids about cryto currency, safe, fun and easy. Our free parents app lets you manage pocket money, goals, chores and more all in crypto currency and all using an existing wallet you control. It's not a financial product, it's really just a display that makes looking at crypto together fun and engaging.

Features & FAQs
Supported plus many more

Show balance to kids in a fun way.

The Strive piggy bank let's you show the balance held in your crypto wallet and makes learning fun for all ages.

Interactive display.

Strive lets your kids see their balances, notifications, goals and more.

Makes the digital physical.

As money becomes digital, Strive brings back a tactile experience that kids love.

Sync to most existing wallets & make it fun.

Simply login to your Strive app through MetaMask credentials and you can show your kids their balance and send them chores, goals and rewards that are mirrored in BTC.

+ many more leading wallets supported over time

Collect history with our world first toys!

In addition to our core product we’ve been working on a new idea to create a fun experience too that helps you (and kids) learn about NFT’s, smart contracts and digital collectables. TopMinds are real toys but with a twist.

Join the Strive community

Follow the production of your piggy bank, reach out of us with any questions, share ideas with other Strivers, propose ways to collaborate, and help shape the thinking around new features and ideas that could help the next generation learn about the future of finance.

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