Introducing Strive

Helping parents and kids invest together.

Create a junior ISA and start building
a share and stock portfolio for your kids with as little as £100.

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Get started in minutes.

Strive lets you create junior ISA accounts for your child and then add small, regular amounts to their account that are invested in a diversified ETF created by one of the world’s largest wealth managers. Save up to £9,000 per year with no capital gains tax on the investment. T’s and C’s apply.

We know, of course you want your kids to be smart and responsible with money when they grow up, but we understand how incredibly hard it is to pull it off. You have to teach them about savings, chores and goals, pocket money, interest and more. Not to mention good money habits from a young age and do it efficiently especially if you have not one but a lovely bunch of them.

Strive helps you start the journey to financial literacy with you and your kids. Saving, investing, and learning by doing from an early age.

Setup each child’s
J-ISA account easily.

Strive lets you invest in one of three investment products backed by one of the world’s largest investors from as little as £1.


Let kids see their account in a fun way.

We know it’s easy to start these investment plans with good intentions and an easy way to keep at it is use our piggy banks to involve the kids. Penny shows each kid's balance of their account so they can use pester power to keep your micro investing on track ;)

5 - 12+

Schedule regular or recurring contribution.

Once you have each kids' profile set up you can set a regular amount to be deposited each day, week or fortnight, and you can always top this up further whenever you feel like giving it a bit of a boost.


Goals and rewards marketplace

Strive will also give you access to a unique marketplace with approved offers from a range of fun and educational brands. You can use this marketplace to reward kids for hitting their saving goals.

8 onwards

Manage pocket money with our cards for kids.

Inevitably too kids will want to spend some of their profits. With our cards you’ll be able to give them access to some of their
hard-earned investments and you can even manage their pocket money from our app.


Safe, secure, and
backed by the
best wealth firms.

As kids grow up their needs change. Strive will help you save from the day they're born, until the day they’re ready to leave home (hopefully before 30).

Savings Pots
Penny the Pig
Parents App
Strive Card

Strive will help you set up savings pots that grow with each child and make the experience fun along the way.

Penny the Pig will be sold separately (£99) but is a great way to make the Strive experience more fun and memorable.

The Strive app and savings account will be free and you'll only pay when you activate the Strive debit card.

Our cards will be released as part of the offering and will help you give each child their own card that they can fully customise.

Family challenges, tasks, goals, rewards and more...

We’re designing Strive to make saving fun for the whole family, and a positve experience that helps shape kids money habits for life. Strive is not a bank, and not just a debit card, we're aiming to be the first true 0-18 offering that will give parents the tools to raise financially responsible young adults.

Strive founders

Safe & secure

Strive will aim to continually improve the experience without ever compromising on security.
The app and the devices are all secured with 256K encryption, protecting our users data at all times.

It’s time to Strive.

Well almost. We're busy building Strive and look
forward to sharing more with you soon. Start a family savings account and begin the journey to financial literacy with your kids.Start a family savings account and begin the journey to financial literacy with your kids.

Coming soon to the App Store and Google play.